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G34>G19 KKM/Zev/Threaded Barrel Plug®

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Introducing the Broadhead Armory Barrel Plug accessory for Safariland 6390RDS holsters! 


Many of us enjoy using a compensator on our Glock 19 handguns. Up to this point it was a hassle to find a well-fitting holster, especially one with active retention. The options were either kydex friction holsters, buying a G34 Safariland and dealing with the rattle, or permenantly modifying our expensive ALS holsters. 

We set about to fix that. 

The BA Plug is specifically for Glock 19 handguns (Gen 1-5) which utilize a compensator. These replacement holster plugs will remove any fitment slop when using a Glock 19 W/ compensator in a Safariland 6390RDS molded for a Glock 34.  

The KKM Varient is universal for all "block" style compensators which DO NOT cover the guide rod. It has been tested and verified to work with KKM, ZEV, and ARC division. These will also work very well for threaded barrels, or oem barrels. Turing your single holster into a multi fit system for various Glock 19 setups. 

These are made of a dark gray composite resin to provide temperature resistance and strength. It is normal for them to be slighly "ashy" from abrasion during install. 

All plugs will retain the ability to lock the handgun into the ALS system with or without a weapon light installed. FOR OPTIMAL DRAW AND INSERTION IT IS RECOMMENDED YOU USE A WEAPON LIGHT.

Installation requires the dissasembly of your current holster to install these replacent index blocks. 

These will only function with a Glock 34 Safariland 6390RDS Light Bearing holster.

LIFE-TIME WARRANTY OFFERED ON ALL OF OUR "PLUG" ACCESSORIES. This warranty is only offered with an original proof of purchase. 

All rights reserved. Safariland, ALS, Glock, Agency Arms, KKM, Arc, Parker Mountain Machine, and Zev Technologies are all registered trademarks of their respective brand and company. 

Life-time warranty offered with original proof of purchase.

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